Mayfield: New Sports Medicine Class Embraces Body, Mind and Spirit

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Mayfield Senior School has added Sports Medicine to its curriculum this year. This exciting course covers an overview of anatomy and physiology of the human body, the many systems of the body, how these systems react and interact with each other through sport and how sports injuries should be addressed and treated. Here, Mrs. Arguelles, Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer is teaching how to properly treat lacerations, abrasions and avulsions. The course includes instruction in human anatomy, biological sciences, training in first aid, CPR, nutrition, exercise physiology, injury care, and management. In keeping with Holy Child traditions, the new Sports Medicine class offers an intellectually challenging and creative platform by placing equal value on the heart, mind, body and spirit and instilling a natural confidence in our students that grows steadily into success.

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September 12, 2014

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  1. David Christie says:

    Both of my daughters went to Mayfield Senior School and they loved the experience. Not only did they get superior academic training, the athletic program was the best. As they left the nest (one to Harvard and one to Stanford) I had no doubt they’d be the successful, strong women they are today, and much of that success comes from their time at Mayfield Senior. Go Cubs!!

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