Pasadena’s Famous ‘Chubbs’ the Cat Lands a Move to Monrovia

Thanks to a Monrovia couple, Chubbs now has a home. – Courtesy photo / PHS & SPCA

By Terry Miller

His story has gone viral, as they say. A wayward, rather large cat was turned into Pasadena Humane Society last week after he was found wandering, albeit it slowly, the streets of Altadena with no apparent ID.

He’s 10-years-old and  29 pounds of  Himalayan love, according to Pasadena Humane Society’s President Julie Bank; and Wednesday he went up for adoption. It seemed there were offers to adopt him from all points on the globe. However, when push came to shove only a handful of potential ‘parents’ showed up at noon yesterday.

The lucky couple who adopted Chubbs hails from Monrovia. Yvette and Ruben Viola apparently just lost their 14-year cat Mooshoo, who they also adopted from PHS. They were the first in line, and therefore qualified to adopt the 29 pounds of love. Jamie Holeman of Pasadena Humane Society described the morning at PHS as “crazy,” due to the media attention Chubbs garnered.

Chubbs was looking for a new family who was willing to work with their veterinarian to put him on a healthy eating plan and cover any medical costs associated with his care. Chubbs will need further medical testing for diabetes at the adopter’s personal veterinarian. While PHS knows Chubbs is adorable, obese cats are more likely to suffer from health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues. This Monrovia couple is more than willing to take on the task.

Whatever his past, Chubbs was in need of help and he certainly got that and now, a new home. His fur was severely matted, a problem PHS resolved with a nice bath and a shave.  Chubbs certainly took the hearts of the Pasadena Humane Society as well as the online world – even DoDo did a piece. Now, a round of ‘apaws’ for  the Monrovia couple who adopted him.

June 21, 2018

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