Pasadena Residents Jump Into Summer at Central Park

City of Pasadena, Human Services and Recreation, and Public Library Departments present “Jump Into Summer Fair” to local Pasadena residents at Central Park on March 2. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

Due to inclement weather this event has been rescheduled for March 10.

Winter may seem long from over, but that will not stop the City of Pasadena, Human Services and Recreation, and the Public Library from getting prepared for the upcoming summer season by presenting the “Jump into Summer Fair “on March 2 in Central Park. The fair is designed to bring the community together to learn about summer programs provided by the city to meet the needs of residents during the warm season.

For many people, summer is a much anticipated season. Some may be more excited about getting some natural vitamin D than others. Nonetheless, the City of Pasadena is gearing up to provide many resources and programs to keep everyone in the family busy and happy during summer. The City of Roses will be presenting this event at Central Park from 10 a.m. through 1 p.m. It’s never too early to get a jump start on your summer planning anyway.

There will be plenty of programs designed for everyone in the community. There will be a lot of activities designed for children, teens and families. Some summer programs offered during the event will be free and/or be low-cost. Also, certain programs may have Pasadena resident or non-resident fees. All classes will run from June through August. The “Jump Into Summer Fair” will present class demonstrations and interactive games.

As a parent you may be concerned about how to keep your children occupied, engaged and safe during the summer season but some of these programs offered to the Pasadena community are educational and fun as well. For example, STEAM (for science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities are among the featured activities. These activities include creative and fun elements of all the represented subjects. Activities could include coming up with an artistic concept using any STEAM tools. Most of the STEAM projects require implementing a combination of the pillar categories in order to develop and practice critical thinking skills.

The point of these activities is to encourage children to get motivated and learn more about science, technology, engineering and math. By adding art into these categories a child that may be inclined to shy away from an artistic ability may discover they have more to their creative side.

Additional educational classes include programs like book clubs, robotics, and writing programs for different ages. If someone in your family is more into sports and physical activities, there are several different classes offered as well. There will be dancing, swimming and martial arts classes available for sign-up for the summer season. In addition to all of these fun activities, there will be events designed for families to enjoy together as well. Activities like game days, park after dark activities, and movie nights.

You must come and join the “Jump Into Summer Fair” and get your family ready to keep busy and have plenty of fun this summer. It will be a great opportunity to get everyone in the family motivated to maybe try something new and exciting for a few months. Please visit for more details.

UPDATE: March 2

Due to inclement weather this event has been canceled.

February 25, 2019

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