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Local fitness expert Sarah Sneider, daughter Debbie, and granddaughter Madison enjoy walking at Disneyland. – Courtesy photo by Madison Morris

By Sarah Sneider

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming and our mountains are greener thanks to the rain in Southern California! The year is almost one-third over! Are you reaching those goals you set at the beginning of 2019? Did you plan to get in better shape, lose weight, have more energy, reduce stress, and have better overall health? How’s it going? Are you moving forward with the plans you made? Do you need some motivation?

If you’re over 50, you can join the fun at the Senior Games coming April 27-July 14 to Pasadena. The Games are a great motivation to train, participate, and win medals! Track and field will be at Caltech, swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, basketball at Pasadena City College, table tennis at the Pasadena Senior Center, pickleball at Arcadia Tennis Center, powerlifting at Sneiders Family Fitness, power walk and fun walk around the Rose Bowl, and much more. There are 25 different sports you can choose from!

You’ll gain new friends that are also enjoying life with increased energy, a positive lifestyle, and a reason to train to stay healthy and strong. Maybe it’s been a few years since you’ve played sports. Or, maybe you’ve never participated in sports at all. Feel you’re not good enough? Did you know that you don’t have to be great to start? The Senior Games are all about participation, a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying playing games. We all have a common goal to have an excellent quality of life.

You will gain focus and eliminate the distractions in life. Life is an adventure! Enjoy the journey! You can do more! You can experience more! Your goals are achievable!

Five Things I’ve learned from the Games:

  1. It’s never too late to start.
  2. There are all levels of competition – from happy participants to advanced athletes.
  3. The athletes encourage and cheer each other on.
  4. Having a goal to compete is a great motivation to work out and train.
  5. You don’t stop playing games when you get old; you get old because you stop playing games.

Come join the fun! For more info on the Games go to For support and training info email Sarah and Rob Sneider at Go for it! You’ll be glad you did!

April 23, 2019

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