The Alpha Muse Block Party Happened So Fast, Were You There?

By Alex Cordero

Did you miss the Pasadena Alpha Muse Block Party? Here is everything you need to know about what happened at this amazing event.  From incredible art exhibitions, food and live entertainment this online content festival had it all. The party was filled with creative spirit from different avenues. It may leave you wondering how did I miss this party in the first place?

What is Alpha Token? If you live in Pasadena you might have already heard about this incredible new browser that features privacy, community connection, and great content for users. Download the Alpha Browser and start experiencing the way everyone might be surfing the web in the  near future all over the city. Alpha Token is a local organization that seems to be showing the City of Pasadena a new and exciting to the way you digitally engage . You may be the next person asking somebody, Do you even Alpha?

There was cyber and traditional artists at the party.  Artists featuring digital designs such as Alicia Ann Gorecki, paintings, and even film productions. There was also plenty of live entertainment . Performances by Klez and Mac Glitzy just to name a few set a fun and outgoing vibe throughout the event. There was also a lot of great food presented by local businesses. I tried sangria pancakes by May Catering and they were absolutely delicious. The party also had plenty of local exhibits that featured food, drinks and awesome giveaways.

The Block Party also held a creative work contest. If you would like to know when and who the winners are, perhaps this may be a great opportunity for you to download the Alpha Browser app and start being in the know about all the amazing innovative things happening in the City of Pasadena.  

August 10, 2018

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