San Gabriel Valley Legislative Coalition of Chambers Vote to Oppose Storm Water Tax

The “sneak attack to raise additional taxes on property owners” has suffered another setback with the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Coalition of Chambers and the West Covina Unified School District voting to oppose the Flood Control District’s effort to impose additional storm water fees, according to a press release sent by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich’s office Thursday..
“Despite the fact that the flood control district is making deals with schools with promises of funding in exchange for support, the new tax effort is losing the support of school districts and businesses,” he said. “At a time when families are struggling, schools are hurting, and businesses are fleeing the state, they are asking property owners, schools and businesses to fork over more money.”
The “Official Notice to Property Owners of Public Hearing” was mailed last week. County property owners may protest this new fee by returning the enclosed protest form. “While the mailing looks like junk mail, it is an important document that allows one to protest the proposed parcel tax,” Antonovich added.
Residents have until January 15 to file their objection by returning their protest form or protesting at the public hearing on January 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. in the Hearing Room of the Board of Supervisors at the Hall of Administration. If a majority of the property owners do not object, the Board of Supervisors can approve a mail-in-ballot to be sent to all property owners in March. Passage requires only a simple majority. If the mailer has been misplaced, a new mailer may be requested by calling (800) 218-0018 or emailing

December 17, 2012

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