ReWeave LA: Luxurious New Life for Lavish (Little) Textiles

ReWeave LA gives new life to fabrics that would otherwise be filling landfills. – Courtesy photo / ReWeave LA

By Linda Taubenreuther

It all started with a swatch of fabric, a flash of curiosity, and a visionary idea.

One day in 2018, corporate banker and design aficionada Debbie Ouyang asked interior designer Julie Benniardi what happened to the luxurious fabric samples she worked with after she returned them to the showrooms. Julie didn’t know, but she asked around and learned they were simply tossed.

For the two women, it was more than an issue of simple waste or lost beauty. Each year, 11 million tons of fabric enter U.S. landfills, including the one in Los Angeles, the largest in the country. Since most of it isn’t biodegradable, it can remain in dumps for 200-plus years, releasing harmful gases that contribute to global warming and chemicals that seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. Debbie and Julie began seeking ways these textile jewels could be repurposed.

Their first idea was pretty obvious: patchwork quilts. – Courtesy photo / ReWeave LA

Their first idea was pretty obvious: patchwork quilts. They soon discovered that the high-end luxury fabrics — silk, velvet, satin, double-woven lampas and more — made stunningly opulent throws. Next came 10- and 14-inch ball pillows whose intriguing color, texture and pattern combinations were quickly snapped up for their eye-catching impact. Recent additions to the growing line include women’s fashions, stools and a line of dog pillows. Currently, the designs can be seen at pop-up shops, in presentations at showrooms and special events and on Instagram, where they’re attracting international attention.

Today, ReWeave LA gets its samples via a growing circle of partnerships with leading LA showrooms. Julie and Debbie personally sort through all materials and create each one-of-a-kind design. The items are then made by local artisans, some of whom would otherwise be unemployed. (The company donates 10% of sales to job training for Angelenos facing barriers to employment.) The throws are filled with 100% natural cotton batting grown and processed in the U.S., with a polypropylene scrim to enhance durability. The pillows are filled with trillium, an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic down alternative.

Powered by its two visionary designers, entrepreneurs and socially conscious leaders, ReWeave LA is making luxury statements with a beautiful backstory.

Debbie and Julie will be designers at this year’s Setting the Table event in Pasadena. Setting the Table is a sensational, unconventional opportunity for designers, floral artists, event planners, non-profits and others to make stunning visual statements with their interpretation of the table design theme, “The World of Conversation.” The fun-filled evening on Nov.9 will feature delicious food and beverages – and a tablescape competition. Guests will vote for their favorite design and the top two winning designs will receive a $6,000 ad from Dreams magazine (

Chaired by Jeanne K. Chung, owner and designer at Cozy Stylish Chic and national design blogger with local realtor and designer Anthony Guthmiller, this lifestyle event will benefit two renowned community leadership charities, Leadership Pasadena and the Junior League of Pasadena. Both are dedicated to nurturing exceptional, informed, respectful and collaborative leaders who are equipped to improve the quality of life for everyone in our communities. For more information, email

July 19, 2019

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