Pasadena: Are You Ready for Some Remarkable Innovation?

Blockchain and internet privacy topics will be revealed Aug. 9 at CTLR Collective by Pasadena’s Alpha Token

By Terry Miller

Remember when the wheel was invented?  Well, okay, how about when the Internet was first invented?

Well, according to those in “the know,” one Pasadena company is “Reinventing the Internet via Blockchain,” says Wallace Lynch, founder of Alpha Token.

Alpha Token Foundation – which is a “leading innovator, supporter, and preserver of digital democracy – is about to open Pasadena’s eyes to building and fostering a decentralized socio-economic ecosystem that provides people with an alternative choice of value to the centralized internet and socio-economic order,” according to their promotional material.

To that end, Alpha Token Foundation is holding a truly exclusive event in early August to help Pasadena innovators and entrepreneurs showcase their talents, initiative designs, and share experiences; a kind of a “digital mixer/ block party” if you will.

The event, dubbed  ‘Alpha Muse’  will take place Aug. 9 which is to celebrate Pasadena’s creativity and will be the culmination of the Alpha Muse Contest where the community votes for their favorite via the Alpha Browser App.

The Pasadena Alpha Muse is a contest for the community of Pasadena to choose their favorite creations. Voting is done in the Alpha Browser using Energy. Energy is created by watching Pasadena Stories. Are you ready to see the amazing works that people have submitted? Better download the Alpha Browser.

For a sneak peak, download the Alpha Browser.

Alpha Token is building a next generation, decentralized content economy ecosystem that gives users complete control over their digital assets and digital footprint with fair and inclusive participation.

The Alpha Browser is a new app developed right here in the heart of Pasadena. The app fulfills many different functions.

First, it is a private and secure browser, unlike apps like Chrome or Safari. The Alpha Browser does not record your data or take cookies. This means all your information is safe and is not being sold off! It even has a built in ad blocker to stop those annoying pop ups!

Second, the browser helps connect users to Pasadena. Looking for an event to do this weekend? Find it there! Interested in learning more about the people behind your favorite restaurant? You can check out their video!

Finally, the app has amazing content for users. From filmmakers to bloggers, you can find plenty of entertainment there while you are waiting for the Metro or your lunch.

If you’ve not yet heard of this word I’m about to scribe, you’re not alone.  It’s called “BLOCKCHAIN,” it and Bitcoin will knock your ISO ( Internet Socks Off ). It is undoubtedly the future of the digital world we are all so tragically addicted to.

Don Tapscott, author of the book entitled “Blockchain Revolution,” proclaimed that Blockchain is “More transformative than Trump on Twitter.”

Blockchain is the technology that is likely to have the greatest impact in the next few decades, and it’s not social media. It’s the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Tapscott says, “… Blockchain will have more transformative power on our lives than Facebook, Instagram, and Donald Trump using Twitter for diplomacy?” How? Why? When? Is that true or is it another bubble shaping up in front of our eyes?

Want to know more? You have to meet the brilliant minds behind Alpha Browser. Aug. 9 at CTRL Collective, located at 45 S. Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, is your chance to be blown away by what these innovators have to offer. Tickets are $20 or less. The event is from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.

5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

-Hang out with locals and enjoy the flavor of Pasadena (samples, drinks, vendors).

-Mingle with innovate Pasadena companies and businesses.

-Mingle with local artists showcasing their artworks.

-Music performance from local artists.

7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

-Sponsor announcements (and chance to win amazing prizes).

7:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

-Dance performance from local artists.

-Solo performance by world-class flutist.

8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

-The award ceremony and screening of top three Muse Video Content videos.

Animation: 15 minutes.

Comedy: 15 minutes.

Drama: 15 minutes.



July 20, 2018

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