Old Pasadena Launches Campaign to Highlight Business Resiliency

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The Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD) has launched the commUNITY campaign, featuring an upbeat, radiant sun to “symbolize that even in the face of unbelievable hurdles, the Old Pasadena business district continues to shine.” A campaign of posters, window clings, and sidewalk decals greets visitors as they arrive in the district and outlines safe and healthy practices.

Eric Tjahyadi, co-owner/operator of Bone Kettle, sums up the district’s fortitude so well: “Our neighborhood of business operators supports one another and continues to show so much heart, courage, and passion even in the darkest hours; we love that we can lean on each other as a community to be one another’s resources and show support. There is a tremendous level of camaraderie that I have not seen in other communities.”

To highlight this solidarity and resilience, dozens of Old Pasadena businesses display the commUNITY sun graphic in their windows, while key intersections throughout the neighborhood showcase the artwork on sidewalk decals. Additionally, the campaign features safety signage in city parking garages to remind guests to be safe and maintain adequate distancing while visiting the area.

Beginning in May, OPMD created several initiatives to reward this ongoing patronage, including the #OnlyinOldPas gift card giveaways on Instagram and the purchase of 40 meals each week from district restaurants to help the Pasadena Senior Center feed vulnerable seniors. “We felt strongly that we as an organization needed to boost promotional support to our businesses while simultaneously encouraging city residents to continue to visit our district,” says Janet Swartz, OPMD’s director of marketing and events. “In turn, these initiatives had the wonderful impact of strengthening the solidarity we feel here and further cultivated this sense of unity and togetherness – we knew that was an important aspect to spotlight with our new campaign.”

To support Old Pasadena restaurants’ efforts toward outdoor dining, the campaign comes to life in a very tangible way with the installation of commUNITY Dining in three locations along Big Bang Theory Way. This communal dining space is for anyone looking for a socially distanced area to enjoy a take-out meal or coffee from any of the neighborhood’s nearly 200 restaurants. This effort serves as an additional support to the many restaurants that couldn’t take advantage of street dining due to their location and logistics. The seating areas are maintained from 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. each day with continuous sanitizing. Visit in the evenings for an especially scenic experience under the café lighting spanning the length of the historic alleyway.

August 7, 2020

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