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By Amelia Favela


ZendyHealth is a new-age form of healthcare that uses technology to offer affordable health services at the press of a bottom. The online platform allows visitors to stay within their means as they pick their own price for services relating to dental, cosmetic, and health. Launched in May 2015, the Southern California-based site has top-rated certified providers in Pasadena that are able to perform high-quality CT scans, MRIs, dental and beauty procedures, and more.

Chief Medical Officer Vish Banthia, M.D. FACS, founded ZendyHealth with the mission to provide a platform where users can “search and save.” The double Board Certified surgeon said, “Unlike most healthcare sites where visitors are limited to only finding a provider, ZendyHealth gives you the opportunity to significantly save.” Chief Technology Officer Rouman Antonov, Ph.D., also plays a large part in the establishment as he works with Dr. Banthia to make ZendyHealth a top-notch site with advanced online tools available to customers.

Dentist and patient

Dentist and patient

ZendyHealth is proven to save customers 20-80 percent on a vast number of services. For health, users can find affordable prices for allergy testing, X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, chiropractic needs, and DEXA, CT and MRI scans. When it comes to dental, implants, invisalign, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, and teeth cleaning can all be found through the site. Beauty procedures include wrinkle relaxers (Botox), non-surgical facelifts, laser hair removal, skin tightening and more.

ZendyHealth works in three easy steps: “Choose Your Procedure, Pick Your Price, Get Matched.” First, users select the service they need or want to try. Next, the costumer offers the desired amount they’d like to pay. Finally, ZendyHealth matches them with a pre-screened certified provider who is able to perform the procedure at the affordable low-rate.

With the use of technology, the site is able to lower costs of care and ultimately give control back to clients. “We’re bringing the power back to patients,” Dr. Banthia said. “Allowing users to pick their own price lets us know that they’re comfortable with what they’re spending.” The medical group’s concern for users is vital considering a core value is to accommodate the needs of its patients.

ZendyHealth also extends its services to charity as many members of the Medical Advisory Board actively participate in charitable events including pro bono medical and surgical missions. Members of the medical group use their talents to perform facial reconstruction procedures on children born with deformities in areas around the world.

-Courtesy Photo

-Courtesy Photo

Only three months after launching, ZendyHealth is already receiving recognition for its outstanding online services. 500 Startups, a highly selective group, recently chose the unique health service platform to be among its list of the most promising digital healthcare startups. KTLA’s “Health Smart” also featured ZendyHealth, naming it the “Priceline of plastic surgery.”

With providers in 70 cities across LA County, the Inland Empire, and Orange County, ZendyHealth is well on its way to helping many more patients pick their own price.

Visit the site at, or call 1-(855) 699-3639 to speak to a representative.



August 20, 2015

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