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Get Ready To Experience Sounds of Magic Brought to You By The New World String Project

By Alex Cordero When musical artists collaborate to create something original it can become groundbreaking. As a fan you receive the harvest of what has been cultivating in an artist’s heart for years. All the hard work and dedication of a project may be  recognized by applause, encores and standing ovations. This is what a…


The Alpha Muse Block Party Happened So Fast, Were You There?

By Alex Cordero Did you miss the Pasadena Alpha Muse Block Party? Here is everything you need to know about what happened at this amazing event.  From incredible art exhibitions, food and live entertainment this online content festival had it all. The party was filled with creative spirit from different avenues. It may leave you…

Time to Join the Women’s City Club of Pasadena

Time to Join the Women’s City Club of Pasadena

By Alex Cordero There are new and exciting things happening at the beautiful Edmund Blinn house, the official home of the Women’s City Club of Pasadena (WCC) since 1945. With hundreds of members and organizations, the WCC continues to strive in their vision of providing resources to enhance the community. The Club is also going…

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Old Town Pasadena May Have Supernatural Places You Might Want To Know About

By Alex Cordero Have you ever had a drink or two somewhere in Old Town Pasadena and suddenly feel an eerie presence you can’t explain? That’s because there might be more than craft beer, themed cocktails, and delicious food luring you in all over Old Pas. Some of the popular pubs in Old Town Pasadena…

Arts & Entertainment

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss The Next Colorado Street Bridge Party

By Alex Cordero The Colorado Street Bridge party came to the City of Pasadena, and local residents were left with the anticipation of waiting two whole years to experience the fun all over again. Hundreds of people attended the infamous Bridge Party. There was something for everyone to enjoy, from food and drinks to live…

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