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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

St. Minerva’s Washer Women are a part of The Original Renaissance Faire performance groups. – Photo by: Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire makes an annual visit every spring at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale, minutes away from the City of Pasadena. It is here from April, 7th through May, 20th with a different theme every weekend.

This upcoming weekend of May 12th, and 13th, the Renaissance Faire will be featuring a new theme, “Heroes & Villains”. The theme event will have recognizable characters with outgoing personalities to join you and your family for amazing photos and create that perfect social media post. In addition, during this upcoming weekend there will be a “Maids of Honour in Training” event for ages six through ten. This event takes place in the Nobles Glade section of the Faire and you will learn how to tend to the Queen. The little ones might even have the opportunity to meet the Queen! There is limited space so be sure to sign up at Guest Services Gazebo inside the front gates.

The closing weekend of May, 19th and 20th the Faire will host a Craft Brew Celebration. It will highlight dozens of local and international craft brews throughout the terrain. In addition you will enjoy all of the amazing attractions the Faire has to offer.

One of the things you will be sure to see are “Spinners”. I had the pleasure of meeting Deena Mauldim a Spinner at the Renaissance Faire for the last fourteen years. The Redlands, California native has been mastering the spinning of wool into yarn technique for the last ten years. She uses a modern spinning wheel manufactured by Kromski. She enjoys spinning, and explaining how this ancient process works. She obtains satisfaction in knowing she can accomplish such delicate a process and be able to see her finished product as well.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is filled with colorful, authentic energy that makes everything around you exciting while walking through this remarkable atmosphere of celebration.

It is filled with activities that the entire family can enjoy such as Tea with the Queen, jousting, and musical performers. There are also individual activities that may ignite your adventurous side such as axe throwing, fencing, and archery. Everyone at the Faire is in full character, from the performers to the vendors by whom you can expect to be addressed as “m’Lady” or “m’Lorde” The entire event is engaging and everyone at the Faire initiates conversation with Renaissance jargon and European accent that makes you forget that you are in Irwindale in 2018.

The majority of Faire attendees also take advantage of this annual event to wear Renaissance theme costumes and be part of the fun. You can expect to come across complete creative ensembles of magical creatures, knights, and pirates. There are plenty of vendors as well if you find yourself in need of a crown, fairy ears, chalices, three cornered hats, swords, and many other items. All that you need to blend in and resemble a Renaissance King or Queen you can find at the Pleasure Fair, and become part of this amazing time period.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a local attraction you must experience, and include as an annual family tradition you can’t afford to miss!

May 9, 2018

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    The Renaissance Pleasure Faire sounds great. This article makes me want to go and see what goes on there! Great article.

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