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Unique Cultural events surround Asian Moon Festival

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“Beauty of Jilin” met with the audiences on GETV September 6, the “Across the Pacific Ocean, Jilin China Special Program” which broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 6PM.
The Beauty of Changbai Mountian Painting exhibition was held at South Coast Plaza with “Beauty of Changbai Mountian” photo exhibition, 80 photos of showed the beauty and profound of Jilin culture.
‘The Charm of the Changbai Mountain’ intangible cultural heritage showed traditional paper-cut works and painting.
Heritor of Farmers Dance Mingchun Jin had a Guinness record of acrobatics dance. He also performed on site and got praises from the audiences.
The exhibition and performance of different ethnics’ costumes of Chaibai Mountain .
Jilin Orchestra-Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival:
The titled concert was inspired by the Chinese classical art work of the same name.
Jilin Orchestra transformed this world class painting into another artistic form, music that captured vividly the daily life of the people and prosperity they enjoyed a thousand years ago. It was a perfect demonstration of the charm of Chinese classical music and traditional Chinese painting, a perfect fusion of Chinese and western art forms.

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On September 9 Los Angeles Times, “Across the Pacific – 2014 China Jilin Culture
Week” activities reached another climax. The Chinese classical folk poetry and music appreciation held at Pasadena’s Pacific Asia Museum which dedicated a wonderful performance.

September 18, 2014

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