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Selected Artists Announced for Pasadena’s Third Annual Boldpas

Chelsea Boxwell’s “Pink is the new kinda lingo.” – Courtesy photo

Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD) announces its selected artists for the third annual BoldPas: A Day of Art and Play in Old Pasadena, returning to the historic district on Saturday, June 8, 2019, 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. The free, one-day-only community event brings 16 temporary art installations and hands-on activations directly onto Old Pasadena’s unique pedestrian alleys.  At every turn, visitors will encounter art that is BOLD – in color, scale, materials, and concept.

OPMD is excited to announce that after the review of more than 70 creative proposals from LA-area artists, event selections have been made.  Janet Swartz, OPMD’s Director of Marketing and Events, notes, “We’ve been thrilled to watch this event grow and capture the imagination of regional artists.  We had a record number of submissions this year and are so impressed by the incredible range of both emerging and established artists, their diversity, the unexpected use of common materials, and the wonderful ‘experiments’ that invite touching, creating, contributing, and photographing.  We can’t wait for everyone to come out to play with the art!”

On event day, the public will experience a 50’ canvas suspended high above one alley; a sea of balloons that invites exploring; street artists transforming a wall with graffiti, murals, and wheat-paste; a pop-up tattoo parlor; a serpentine, moveable tube made of beach balls; shadow people that come to life with augmented reality; a wondrous “shower” of gold and color cascading out of a parking garage; and many more surprises within the alleys.  Artists will be on hand all day to showcase their works and interact with the public.  Additionally, the Armory Center for the Arts promises a full day of special programming, and many of the Old Pasadena businesses will host hands-on art activities and their own bold installations on storefronts.

Spend Saturday, June 8 in Old Pasadena, meandering the historic alleyways and encountering art at every turn – experience Old Pasadena with new eyes! The event is free and open to all ages.  More details will be announced as the event date draws nearer.  Learn more at Make your visit to Pasadena an all-day arts affair!

Selected Artists & Installations:

Kat Bing – Art Observes Art

Art Observes Art depicts a giant yellow character overlooking “art” (the viewer) that sits on a white display pedestal.  It encourages its viewers to become a part of the installation and to think about becoming an object that is observed.  Art Observes Art begs the question “Who’s observing who?” Go to for more information.

Chelsea Boxwell – “Pink is the new kinda lingo” 

Pink is a beautiful, majestic, bright, and happy color.  “Pink is the new kinda lingo” – a massive painting consisting of brightly painted canvases, glittering fabrics, and interactive streamers – is suspended high above the alley to illuminate the magic of this color.  It takes its title from lyrics of the song “Pink” by Aerosmith.  BoldPas will mark the painting’s third iteration, re-imagining the installation in a way that provides event-goers an interactive space for fun, play, smiles, and positivity. Visit for more information.

Garth Britzman – Beach Day

Beach Day revives the childlike wonder of an endless ocean horizon and the toasty beach sand beckoning us to play and explore.  Created with 300 beach balls packed into a long net tube, Beach Day spans 50+ feet.  Climb it, lift it, move it, or just sit – it offers countless opportunities for play! Visit for more information.

 Ash Cano – Inked

A pop-up tattoo shop housed inside a U-Haul truck, Inked is color­ful, bright, and modern.  Temporary tattoos that are renditions of famous artworks are directly applied to participants by the artist.  By referencing well-known artworks, the tattoos challenge participants to draw a parallel between body art and art works found with­in art museums. Visit for more information.

Capt. James – Capt.’s Big Coloring Book

Inspired by his childhood memory of transitioning from filling in coloring books to creating his own, Capt.’s Big Coloring Book is a testament that Capt. James is still that same kid at heart.  He invites the public to interact with his graphic line-drawings – his “coloring book” – by coloring in them almost as soon as he creates them – each is a beautiful and inspiring unknown. Visit for more information.

Alycia Cornelius & Laura Kapp – Higher Ground

An ephemeral, interactive abstraction of the Los Angeles Basin, Higher Ground takes form in a large field of brightly colored balloons of various sizes.  The balloon’s vacillating heights and flexibility create a cohesive movement that begins to mimic the ocean, desert, and mountains that they represent; event-goers can walk in and among the balloons to experience different vantage points. Visit Instagram @alycornelius and @neverrest.

Steven Daily – To the Stars

Event-goers can visit this live painting installation and watch Steven Daily bring to life a painting, using old master techniques, of a figure that represents the narrative of Pasadena’s long and highly regarded history of science, rocket propulsion, and space exploration. Visit for more information.

Olga Lah – The Constance of Glory

What are spaces in our life where we stand in wonder? Where and when are we fully engaged with who we are? The Constance of Glory creates an idea of sublimity or transcendence being poured into the alleyway, creating a contrast between a mundane parking structure and a massive amount of shimmering, colorful material flowing out of it.  Event-goers will find an unexpected encounter in an alleyway – possibly experiencing their own moment of wonder. Visit for more information.

Po Yan Leung – Down the Rabbit Hole

Inspired by the classic novel Alice in Wonderland, Down the Rabbit Hole is a hexagonal prism that symbolizes the beginning of a fanciful adventure for audiences as they explore BoldPas 2019. Visit for more information.

Heidi & Priscilla Moreno – La Gente de la Ciudad

Weeks are full of routines.  Days are filled with lists, errands, and responsibilities, but between all of these things are the subtle pleasures that we often keep to ourselves.  La Gente de la Ciudad is an art installation created by sisters Heidi and Priscilla Moreno that observes these unspoken moments and joys that surround us.  Event-goers can explore a city that features whimsical vehicles, buildings with interchangeable designs, and creative people who signify the diversity of a real city. Visir and for more information.

Camille Ora-Nicole & Ashley Mangus – Yarn Hill

Serving as an artistic seating area, Yarn Hill takes inspiration from the hills and mountains that surround Pasadena and combines them with the feel of traditional, interior comfort.  Rectangles woven through with yarn surrounding the seating area alludes to boundaries and offers a new view to the rest of the alley.  Instagram:  @oracami and @ohhwhenducksfly

Nathaniel Osollo – Cardboard TV

Cardboard TV is a subtle surprise that appears to broadcast directly from cardboard.  Viewers will use their smartphones to examine a pile of television sets made out of cardboard.  When the phones find the Cardboard TV screens, colorful animations and fun videos will appear to play on the TVs. Visit for more information.

Gary Pappani & Santos Cortes – A Street Art Mural

Gary Pappani curates a live painting installation that incorporates traditional and non-traditional techniques through the execution of graffiti iconography, wheat-pasting, and abstract painting; Santos Cortes participates as one of the artists. Working alongside Santos throughout the day is a small, select group of Los Angeles graffiti and street artists who use a variety of styles and applications.  Event-goers can witness the execution of art so common to our urban landscape yet so rarely witnessed in practice. Visit Instagram  @theredradio and @santoscortesart

Hilda Rios – Coming Up Roses

In creating her installation Coming Up Roses, Hilda Rios was inspired by a quote from French artist Henri Matisse: “There’s always flowers for those who want to see them.” The quote reminds us to find the little sparks of happiness in the everyday, while Coming Up Roses immerses the viewer in shape and color – in the form of tall, brightly colored columns – placing an emphasis on finding beauty in the every-day world. Visit Instagram @HiHildaRios

Classroom Award: Marshall Fundamental 9th Grade Art Students – This Is Me.  High School students from Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena will design and display more than one dozen life-sized silhouettes, filled with colorful patterns and designs that express the vibrant energy in teenagers. Visit for more information.

Take the Metro Gold Line to Memorial Park or Del Mar Station.  All art installations are walking distance from both stations. Plan your trip on or call (323) GO-METRO, (323) 466-3876.

April 11, 2019

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