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Lowrider Band at Long Beach Blues Festival Sept 1 & 2


Eric Burdon and Jerry Goldstein didn’t feel like Long Beach was a battlefield when first meeting Harold Brown and Howard Scott in 1969. “War” certainly was declared, however. “The World Is a Ghetto,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” and the thematic “Low Rider” have been song of the community for over 40 years! Founding members, Harold Brown and Howard Scott are locals to the area; in fact you might catch Harold without drumsticks trekking the streets! The founding members of War, with the exception of the late Charles Miller and “Papa” Dee Allen, are combusting this Labor Day weekend at the New Blues Festivals mainstage under the new name, Lowrider Band!

This year the band’s mission is for the people of Long Beach to educate and innovate when harnessing the power of blues. There are plenty of fans who may not know, but the music of the Lowrider Band is an intercultural music bound together by the tradition of blues. Take a listen to the recordings of Lee Oskar’s harp or Brown’s syncopated double shuffles. It’s clear that the spice of the band comes from more than Long Beach salsa. The member of Lowrider Band has over 17 professional albums and certified Platinum on 2 of their Greatest Hits. This band is dynamite in Long Beach which blew a new hole in the world of music. Thank goodness they’re featured on the New Blues Festival Stage this year at El Dorado Park. Tickets are available online at



August 8, 2018

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