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Leonid & Friends – Only Just the Beginning…at The Rose, Pasadena Wednesday Aug. 7


Leonid & Friends, a remarkable band from Russia that has attracted more than 48 million YouTube viewers and legions of fans worldwide with its unique ability to capture the jazz-rock virtuosity of supergroup Chicago is returning to the U.S. for a scorching summer tour.

The band has become an internet sensation releasing more than 20 Youtube videos that delve deep into Chicago’s catalog, from the earliest Chicago Transit Authority such as “25 or 6 to 4” “recordings through their later hits like “Street Player” and “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.”

With fans in every corner of the globe, Leonid & Friends, comprised of some of Russia’s most exciting and talented musicians, had crowds dancing in the aisles in early 2019 during sold out shows in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas and Clearwater, Fla.

“The fans were so eager to see us that some travelled from as far as Hawaii and the Philippines not mentioning flying across the U.S .and driving for hours to attend our shows,” Leonid Vorobyev, Leonid & Friends’ founder and leader, said recalling the band’s inaugural visit to the states. “I was expecting a warm greeting but I didn’t expect such a warm reception and with so much love and gratitude for us.”

The band has also been featured on the NBC Nightly News and is admired by Chicago itself.

In January 2019, founding Chicago members, keyboardist Robert Lamm visited Leonid & Friends and former drummer Danny Seraphine performed with the band in Los Angeles.

Leonid & Friends formed in 2014 when Vorobyev gathered a few fellow musicians in a Moscow studio to record a video of them playing his favorite Chicago tune “Brand New Love Affair.”

Since then the band has recorded two albums featuring sparkling, spot on renditions of Chicago’s complex arrangements.

When Leonid & Friends hit the stage this summer, fans can expect new musical surprises. “We really can’t wait to come back to the states,” Vorobyev said. “We will have several new songs ready.”

Borrowing a line from one of Chicago’s biggest hits, “it’s only the beginning” of great things from  Leonid & Friends.

For tickets contact: The Rose

Located in: The Paseo

Address245 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101

Phone(888) 645-5006

August 2, 2019

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