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KALM talent group signs rising star singer/songwriter Katie Ekin

KALM Talent Group continues to build its impressive client roster with some of today’s most talented up and coming singer/songwriters that are ready to take their careers to the next level. Enter pop-folk-indie singer/songwriter Katie Ekin, who recently signed with KALM Talent Group, and has released the first single and title track of her new EP, “Caught Up In You.” The highly-anticipated song from the award-winning singer/songwriter, now live on, is also available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
“Caught Up In You” is the latest in more than 200 original songs written by Katie. The prestigious West Coast Songwriters competitions have led to eight of Katie’s ten awards thus far which include three for Best Performance, four for Best Song and one for the coveted Hollywood Chapter’s Song of the Year.
“Katie Ekin has a mature songwriting style that is complimented by a unique ability to transform personal life experiences into award-winning songs,” said KALM Talent Group Founder Kerry Kessel. “Katie has a special gift that always leaves you wanting more.”
And more there will be as Katie and the KALM Talent Group team plan for the next exciting steps in her burgeoning music career. Plans for a debut album of original professionally produced songs will be announced in the near future.
“Katie Ekin is a naturally gifted singer/songwriter who will undoubtedly leave a significant mark on the music industry,” continued Kessel. “Katie’s singular style, quality composing and raw organic, no-nonsense music is a perfect fit with our agency and I am both honored and excited to welcome her into the KALM Talent Group family.”
Unique, multi-talented and committed to her craft, this popular young artist with a beautiful voice likened to “butter,” calls songwriting, not just her passion, but her lifestyle.
“Katie is the proverbial “full package” and then some,” added Kessel. “She has so much to share not only with a worldwide audience but with the industry as a whole. KALM Talent Group is so ready to move full speed ahead with this remarkable and accomplished young artist.”
So does Katie, who aspires to enjoy an accomplished career a la one of her favorite current artists Taylor Swift, prefer to write or perform?
“It’s equal,” said Katie with an innate artistic reasoning that is as poetic as her songs. “I love writing because I never really know how I feel until I write the song. It is very personal, revealing and exciting. Then, when I perform the song, it’s even more emotional when I am able to connect with audiences and share the experience with them.”
Katie, who spends most of her days writing, composing and playing her guitar, counts the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Leslie Gore, Ricky Nelson and most importantly, her father Gary among her many musical influences.
In a world where fresh talent is being discovered and fostered in progressive new ways including on television, reality shows and the internet, the time – and need — for an innovative up-to-date talent agency has arrived…and its name is KALM Talent Group.
Formed by accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist Kerry Kessel with a “times have changed and so must the way we do business” mindset, forward-thinking Kessel created KALM to complement the evolving music industry.
Inspired by the quality and range of untapped talent and the success of such young powerhouses as Justin Bieber whose rise to fame began on You Tube, Kessel built KALM Talent Group upon a model of “extreme interactivity.” In addition to traditional methods of discovering new talent, KALM heavily utilizes the power of the internet for everything from discovering and auditioning perspective clients to presenting the gifts of its signed hot young artists to major record labels via
-Photo by Terry Miller

January 10, 2013

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