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Jackalope in Pasadena Brings Craft and Community Together

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By Alex Cordero

Last weekend, Pasadena hosted Jackalope and Indie Artisan Fair in Central Park. Jackalope Arts, founded by Melissa Shipley and Sarah Diederich, is an event focused on meeting with local artisans and bringing the community together. Jackalope has been organizing artisan fairs semi-annually in Pasadena, California and Denver, Colorado since 2015. This event features over 150 local artisans who focus on one of a kind handmade crafts. The fair is free, open to the public and is an excellent way for the community to meet the artist behind the crafts and come together. It also featured outdoor activities to enjoy with family and food vendors. Meeting the local artisans gives you an up close experience of how they are part of a cultural movement that you may or may not be aware of.

Nicole C. Russell, is founder of Word for Word a run print and accessory brand company based here in Los Angeles California. Her main feature social alert buttons for the purpose of starting a conversation or casually avoiding one. These stylish pins, hand-pressed in Los Angeles are so much fun to read that anyone is sure to find a button they can relate to. From fun topics to more formal ones  that take political stands these pins are sure to accomplish their purpose. The social alert buttons are also an informal way to communicate to others about how you are feeling or take a subtle stand on a belief. In this creative way  Word for Word is part of a social game changer in a society where we all may be a little apprehensive about what we say.

Jackalope also featured a lot of hand made jewelry craft makers. There were so many types of different kinds of jewelry, anywhere from leather earrings to crystal necklaces there was one jewelry maker that stood out from the rest, flowersfadejewelry by Giulianna Hoskins. The local Orange County artist found a way to create her jewelry incorporating the beautiful nature Southern California has to offer. She hand picks flowers and takes a book to press the flowers dry. After a few days, once the flowers are completely dried, she  showcases the flowers on a clear flat surface creating charms for necklaces and earrings. These pieces are beautiful art displays of flowers grown right here in Southern California. They are all unique and come in different sizes. The jewelry is made with vintage materials and is a  faith based designed as well. She enjoys the process and loves creating things. In addition to the delicate beauty these necklaces showcase, when you purchase any piece a part of the proceeds go to Refuge for Women SoCal, a local organization which focuses on helping refugee women in Southern California.

Jackalope will also be coming to Central Park Pasadena on August 3rd and 4th 2018. Be sure to enjoy the fun and support of all the local artisans making a difference in our community.  For more information on Jackalope please visit and to learn more about the artists please visit and or



1- Jackalope Arts information booth at Central Park, Pasaden.

2- Nicole C. Russell local artisan and founder of Word for Word.

3- Giulianna Hoskins and beautiful display of her jewelry line flowersfadejewelry.

May 3, 2018

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