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It Happened One Night at American Legion Post 280 Pasadena

A new Doo Dah Queen is crowned

By Terry Miller

Doo Dah queen hopefuls by the score descended on the legion in Pasadena Sunday night. Each queen hopeful had three minutes to wow the judges or at the very least, buy Tom Coston a few beers to sway his vote.

The smaller than usual crowd (no doubt due to the World Series and the inevitable Dodgers’ loss) was no less enthusiastic this year, as last year’s Queen Imani crowned the new Doo Dah queen, 2018-19.

The results are as follows:

  • Doo Dah Queen is “Classy Crassy Pasadena Princess,” Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen.
  • Doo Dah King is “16’ll Get You 20” Earl Clayton Louzks who tried out as “His Lordship Unofficial Mayor of Old Town.”
  • First runner up is Yolanda Daniele, “Yo Baby the Glend’alien’ Queen.”
  • Second runner up and princess are “Princess Covfefe,” Steven Johnson, and “Parole Agent” (Sasha Karla).
  • Third runner up is “Daphne, Queen of Glitter,” Daphne Mangin.

Others who tried out:

  • Cookie the Psychic Dog.
  • Fab Ulus (Dennis Miller).
  • Dr. Patricia Ng.
  • Pasadena Pied Piper.
  • Winnie.
  • La Muerta Death (Victor Vega, comedian).
  • Count Smokula.
October 29, 2018

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