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Learn how to grow fruits and vegetables organically in your home garden! You’ll be saving money at the grocery store while contributing to the healthy lifestyle of your family by reaping the nutritional benefits of eating fresh-grown produce. Vegetable gardens enhance the appearance of any yard and provide a fun activity for all ages. This class focuses on seasonal production and covers a variety of topics.

March 3: Palm Room
Spring Crops and Companion Planting, Spring Weeds and Insects, Spring Disease ID, Treatment and Prevention, Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees and Grape Vines, Wrangling Wild Potatoes, Soil Fertility and Cover Crops, Organic Labeling, Sustainability in the Kitchen

June 2: Bamboo Room
Summer Crops, Herbal Companion Planting, Summer Disease ID,
Treatment and Prevention, Biodiversity, Summer Weeds and Insects,
Remedies and Recipes, Horticulture Therapy, Small Space Gardening

September 8: Palm Room
Fall Crops, Fall Weeds and Insects, Fall Disease ID, Treatment and
Prevention, Organic History and Current Events, Different Farming
Practices, Tool Maintenance, Community Supported Agriculture, Slow Food

December 1: Bamboo Room
The National Organic Program, Winter Crops and Companion Planting,
Winter Weeds and Insects, Winter Disease ID, Treatment and Prevention,
Irrigation, Soil Building, Composting and Worm Bins, Pruning Fruit Trees,
Gopher-proof Your Planting Bed

February 23, 2012

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