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Free 24-Hour Amazon Kindle Promotion August 28 – 29 for C.T. Hillin’s Debut YA Paranormal Romance Novel, The Imati

The Imati Book Cover

Special Promotion In Honor Of National Read A Book Day

The Imati, the beautifully descriptive debut YA Paranormal Romance novel by C.T. Hillin that revolves around a three-century-old Imati with the face of a seventeen-year-old girl, will be available for free during a 24-hour Amazon Kindle promotion that runs Thursday August 28, 2014 through Friday August 29, 2014. The promotion can be found beginning August 28 on the Amazon Kindle page

An avid reader herself, Hillin decided to share the free download opportunity in honor of the upcoming National Read A Book Day which falls this year on September 6, 2014.

“I am so proud of The Imati and look forward to exposing it to a growing audience. I originally was inspired to write The Imati because I wanted to turn the Young Adult / superhero formula upside down so to speak. A lot of classic YA fantasy books are about an ordinary teenager becoming extraordinary (gaining a superpower, finding out they hunt shadows, learning about vampires, or becoming a wizard),” said Hillin of the novel she describes as a mix of fantasy, mythology, romance, adventure and historical fiction. “I wanted to explore a character that was already extraordinary (in this case an immortal) and what would happen if she became ordinary again?”

Enter The Imati, a coming of age story set in a paranormal / supernatural world that revolves around Alastrina Byrne who was murdered when she was 17 years old, but didn’t actually die. That was 300 years ago and ever since she has been trying to navigate a world where she doesn’t belong. Now, in the present day, she moves to Belfast, Maine where she discovers something she has never known before: love. But just when she’s finally fitting in, her past comes back to haunt her.

Creatively blending Hillin’s love of history and propensity for world travel, much of The Imati is told through flashbacks, placing Alastrina back in the 1700’s, 1800’s and 1900’s as well as in present day. Both lending significant authenticity to her writing, Hillin is able to incorporate a reference of first-hand experience and knowledge of various locations throughout the world into her work. Among the places she has visited are Paris, Thailand, Italy, Japan, China, Turkey, Ireland, the Czech Republic and more.

“I took places and events in history and shaped a lot of the book around that,” continued Hillin. “I put her in situations like The French Revolution so we could see, through a teenager’s eyes, what it is was like to live back then.”

While historical references are a bonus for readers, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy fans can rejoice that The Imati is set in a highly-imaginative and visionary world of immortals, Souljumpers, Seekers and ancient prophecies.

More information and the book are also available now at

August 28, 2014

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