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Find Piquing Curiosities at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market. -Photo courtesy by Vanessa Quintanilla

By Vanessa Quintanilla

On the second Sunday of every month, the Pasadena Rose Bowl opens its doors for the flea market. This month, the Rose Bowl hosted its event on Jan. 8. From typical carnival food to the most unusual knick-knacks, this flea market had it all!

A myriad of vendors sell antique items like iron welding displays, furniture, clothes, and vinyl records. Is fashion more of you’re thing? Consider visiting the clothing vendors at this flea market. With countless clothing racks, you just might be able to find a t-shirt similar to that favorite one you’d wear as a teenager. Film cameras, typewriters, and childhood stuffed animals were one-of-a-kind findings. Although you should shop smart, pass up an excellent offer, and you may never come across the same one again.

While cruising through the stands, I noticed some common patterns: the practice of material preservation, and an urgency to produce environmentally friendly products.

Just like vintage hunters, the vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market are passionate about preserving vintage pieces. So passionate, they’ve decided to recreate items with a twist, and sell them. I saw bathroom sinks made out of oak barrels, jewelry made from salvaged material, beverage coasters made using pieces of album covers, and so much more.

One visitor mentioned he goes to the Rose Bowl Flea Market every month because he enjoys finding antique wall decor to hang in his garage. As a dog lover and a huge advocate of small businesses, I headed straight towards the Bones in the Ruff booth. There, Cara and her male assistant immediately greeted me. Since launching Tippy’s Biscuit Business: Bones in the Ruff in November 2016, Cara Myers has found tremendous success selling her doggy biscuits at this flea market (as well as on “People in the surrounding communities care a lot about their ‘fur-babies,’ too,” she said. Her biscuits are made from simple, all-natural ingredients. At her booth, Cara offered four different flavors: original, peanut butter, chicken and beef. Of course, I took home a mixed variety bag for my dogs.

Cara and her assistant selling dog biscuits. -Courtesy photo by Vanessa Quintanilla

If human food piques your interest, consider supporting vendors like the Norte Dame High School Band. Some of their proceeds go towards funding the band’s expenses.

Whether you’re on a hunt for something new, something old or something unique, one thing’s for sure: there’s something for everyone at the Rose Bowl Flea Market! (What may be unsought by one, might also be what someone else has been in search for their whole life.) And if you’re a smart shopper—like me—you’ll stay till the end of the event to see if you can haggle for most attractive succulent plants that remain on display.

The next flea market will be held on Feb. 12. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market website for more details.

January 12, 2017

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