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7th annual Norooz Vernal Equinox celebration in Pasadena slated March 14

Founded by Dr. Nazee Rofagha in 2007, the celebration of the Iranian New Year at the time of vernal equinox, has set the standard by which other Norooz celebrations around Greater Los Angeles. Dr. Rofagha has long believed in preserving her native culture and sharing it with the community in she lives and works as a healer.
Her passion for people , land of Iran and the hope that all nationalities can come together, in peace, led her to starting what has become an annual Pasadena tradition.
Norooz, commemorating the New Year, has been celebrated in Iran, formerly Persia, throughout nearly three millennia of its recorded history.
Norooz begins at the vernal equinox, the first day of spring season, a day of rejuvenation and reconciliation, and, reinvigorations and rebirth. Norooz’s arrival is symbolized in nature by the sprouting of greens and grains, flowers and trees. The Norooz holidays of today span from Charshanbeh Suri (jumping over the bonfire to absorb its reddish healthy strength, while getting rid of one’s yellow unhealthy state of being), on the evening preceding the last Wednesday of the old year, climaxing at Norooz, and concluding with Sizdeh Bedar, the thirteenth day of the New Year. Iranians spend the last day of the holidays at a picnic in the orchards, on the prairies, by the seaside, or in the foothills where family and friends eat,drink, dance and sing, and play and joke. Tradition or in old saying, On that day, the single women knot grass together in the hope of marriage before the next Norooz! Integral to Norooz are the visits exchanged and paying tribute to the elders, as well as receiving monetary and other gifts from them.
Sizdah Bedar (in English: Getting rid of the Thirteenth) has been possibly considered as a tradition because some people believe the thirteen is an unlucky number, and everybody should get rid of the thirteen. From Wikipedia.
Special guests this year include, Bill Bogaard, Mayor of Pasadena;
Master of Ceremonies, Nat Nehdar, Chair of Pasadena Human Relations Commission.
The keynote speaker is Professor Ali Nayeri, Theoretical Physics.
There will be traditional dance & Neyreez Music Ensemble directed by Mehrdad Arabi
There is also a customary Persian Tea House, which will be serving refreshments such as tea, sweets and authentic Iranian appetizers
Admission is free and open to the public, Please note space is limited.
Event age requirement: Ages 8 and above please.
Norooz in Pasadena will be celebrated on Thursday, March 14, 2013.
Scottish Rite Cathedral 150 North Madison Avenue Pasadena Reception: 6:15-7pm Program: 7-8pm Please RSVP if you plan on attending: by March 8th, 2013
For additional information visit: or contact Dr. Nazee Rofagha , Founder of Norooz in Pasadena at 626-583-9116
-Photo by Terry Miller

February 7, 2013

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