Frostig School Students Tour Jones Coffee

Frostig School students have learned to brew a wide variety of coffee drinks while working this year in the school café.

The owner of Jones Coffee in Pasadena recently gave the young baristas a special lesson on coffee making with a tour of his roasting operation. Chuck Jones welcomed 15 Frostig students to the Jones Coffee roastery and coffeehouse on South Raymond Ave. Mr. Jones gave a tutorial on the art and science of roasting beans. The students watched as beans from Guatemala gradually turned from pale green to a deep brown in the roaster. By the end of the tour, students understood how coffee is produced from farm to coffee cup.

The Frostig School students have an appreciation of coffee because of their work in Frostig’s student-run cafe. Frostig created the Fly-By café last year to give high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to gain work experience and job skills. The students work as baristas, cashiers and cooks in the Fly-By, which serves breakfast and lunch to students and staff at Frostig. In addition to learning how to operate an espresso machine and process orders using an iPad, students are learning about teamwork and responsibility.

“The Fly-By Café is a series of teachable moments,” said Dean Conklin, executive director of The Frostig Center. “The kids are learning inventory, how to greet people. It’s a hands-on opportunity for our kids to grow.”

Frostig School offers a full range of academic and support services for children with learning differences, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, high-functioning autism and ADHD.  Frostig School enrolls children who live throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

May 17, 2017

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