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Reader Questions Law Enforcement Screening in Pasadena

– Courtesy photo

Footage of Violent Arrest

The website was the Pasadena Independent/RECAP, and the article is “Pasadena City Manager to Release Camera Footage of Violent Arrest,” which still seems to be trending.
This is one more graphic demonstration of the RACISM and BRUTALITY rampant not only in the Pasadena Police Dept, but across the nation. When will the officials responsible for these departments develop suitable tests to screen out police candidates who have latent violent tendencies and prejudices?? Or create anger management programs with required annual testing to determine whether or not officers are sufficiently trained to qualify for working on the street?
Thanks very much for posting my comments.
If the website was updated to allow people to post, I’m sure your readers would appreciate it, and perhaps become more engaged with your news outlets.

All the best,

-Richard Kahn

December 21, 2017

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