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Letter to the Editor: Pasadena Resident Talks About the Water Department

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Dear Editor:

Terry, I want to thank you for taking the time and effort for considering the story your paper did concerning the Pasadena Water Departments proposed Rate Restructure and Rate Adjustments. I would hope that the Water Department will come back with another presentation giving the

citizens a better understanding of why now this restructure is needed in the form they have given us in the current presentation, without any alternatives proposed. I do believe we need a better understanding of the cost structure in the presentation. Now it’s only talked around numbers without specific as percentages,not actual numbers we can see. I still have questions that haven’t been fully answered but they are trying.Sometimes with partial answers that still need to be developed. Lastly a question should be asked as to why water conservation was so important that we continued to use water on a 3 day a week schedule, when 2 would have worked and now we will be going into a 1 day a week until  April, (5 months) I sure hope we have a mild winter.


Richard L


November 2, 2017

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