If Pasadena Turns On, The City Will Turn Off – Utilities That Is

Pasadena maintains a zero-tolerance policy on dispensaries despite voter approval of Proposition 64. – Courtesy photo

By Terry Miller

On Monday, the Pasadena city council agreed to allow code enforcement to shut off all utilities to illegal pot dispensaries, at least to those who consistently refuse to adhere to citations and warnings from code enforcement.

In November, California voters approved Proposition 64, allowing adults 21 and older to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes. The measure also created two new taxes, one levied on cultivation and the other on retail sales.

In light of the new law, the conservative Pasadena city council passed a local ordinance barring any medical marijuana dispensaries from operating anything related to pot within the city limits.

Last week, three dispensaries were ordered to cease and desist immediately and pay large fines.

Each dispensary owner received a cease and desist letter in February, informing them they were in violation city law. The city had 12 dispensaries in Pasadena.

Despite Proposition 64, the city appears to have a zero tolerance to anything pot-related, and those anticipating a growing business in 2018 may have a huge battle on their hands within Pasadena city limits.

May 16, 2017

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  1. Bill Dunn says:

    So does that mean that they adopting the same stance as far as personal cultivation goes?

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