Pasadena PD/ ICE Memo of Understanding No Longer Valid

City Manager Steve Mermell took bold, swift action Wednesday by invalidating the PPD ICE MOU.
-Courtesy photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

City Manager apparently did not Sign ICE-PPD, and will not

A recent Public Safety Committee Meeting stunned local activists and discovered Immigrants’ rights have been protected and it comes on a day of Immigrant Protests across the US, ‘A Day without Immigrants.’

City Manager Steve Mermell announced that he was destroying the ICE-PPD MOU.  Mermell stated that the ICE-PPD MOU required his approval, he had not given his approval, and he would not give his approval. Mermell further stated that he was tightening up on contracting across the City and directing the City’ Audit Department to review all departments’ compliance with the requirement that contracts have his approval, including other Pasadena PD contracts or MOUs with other law enforcement agencies. He is thus arguably taking the first step towards what will become a police auditor independent of the Police Department, which could be close to the Independent Police Auditor that ACT and the CICOPP coalition of which it is a part have been advocating.

February 16, 2017

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