Hal McClintock, 91, Passes Away

Hal McClintock , 91

Hal McClintock , 91, of Pasadena passed away rather suddenly on Saturday December 10 from complications following a fall at home. With paralysis of the legs and a complicated fracture in the neck it was deemed inoperable at his age, according to surgeons.
Hal McClintock has lived with love of his life, Bernice Miller of Pasadena, since 1992.
Bernice and Hal first met at a bereavement group after they both lost their respective spouses one year earlier. For the next 19 .5 years, Hal and Bernice were inseparable. Moving in together and forming a new relationship that many of their friends said simply was just “meant to be.”

The outgoing couple attended many community events in Sierra Madre and Arcadia as well as Pasadena with friends they made at the Support Group. They formed a splinter group they lovingly called the “Corrupt Group” with some of the other people with whom they had forged a very unique and rare bond.
One of their favorite outings was the annual Sierra Madre Fourth of July Celebration. The group had the same prime location at the beginning of the parade and became part of the party..
Hal’s professional life saw him as an avid photojournalist and wedding photographer. He also worked as an engineer for the Railroads and the famous Red Car of years gone by.
Over the years Hal documented his love of trains with an exceptional passion and was working on compiling a selection of his locomotive images for possible publication prior to his death.

Hal McClintock’s other passions in life, aside from his number one… Bernice, included golf , his wonderful Chihuahua “BEEJ”, online poker ( not for real money, of course ) and, of course anything connected with photography which sometimes included photographing beautiful models.
Politically savvy,  McClintock became increasing frustrated with the Republican led Congress and its inability or refusal to work with President Obama.

His outgoing personality and love of life will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing Hal.
There will be an Irish Wake celebrating his life in February,

December 13, 2011

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