Beven & Brock Property Management Presents Free HOA Board Seminar

Meet over 20 vendors who want to serve your association with integrity and excellence

Every year the California legislature passes new laws and there are a few that impact common interest developments each year.
The seminars that are offered by Beven & Brock are intended to explain the new laws and offer direction as to how to comply with them in the most sensible way.

As board members of your HOA it is important that you are aware of new laws, even though you may have a management company working with you.
There are a few surprises this year that you need to know about.

Topics include:

  • Senate Bill 918, the new annual mandatory informational requirement for every owner.
  • Marijuana – How does the passage of Proposition 64 affect your community?
  • Maintenance for exclusive use common areas – what’s changed?
  • New fair housing mandate for community associations involving sexual harassment.
  • Rentals in Your Community – How to address this challenging issue?
  • What to expect: The usual great prizes, healthy and decadent snacks, plus a $100 gift card to a Beven & Brock board member in attendance.

To register, please call (626) 795-3282, ext. 886 or email and provide us with your name, association, and number of guests (include yourself).

February 15, 2017

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