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ChapCare Hosts Party to Celebrate Newest Location

- Photo by Terry Miller

– Photo by Terry Miller

By Terry Miller

On Monday evening, officials and physicians welcomed community VIPs to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new ChapCare facility in Monrovia.

Betty McWilliams, Executive Director of Foothill Unity Center, was visibly moved with the addition of this new clinic to the area. She was delighted to have a local health facility to which she can direct her clients locally.

The Facility will provide high-quality family medicine, OB/GYN and pediatrics, along with mental health counseling, optometry as well as health insurance screening and enrollment.

On August 3rd, ChapCare will open a new state-of-the-art Health Center in Monrovia on Lime. Conveniently located a few blocks from downtown Monrovia on 513 E. Lime Ave, Suite 101, services will include Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Optometry, and Health Insurance enrollment. Appointments can be made by calling (626) 398-6300 or visiting Medi-Cal, Medicare and Covered CA plans welcome.

July 29, 2015

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  1. Fabio Deep says:

    Stay away from this clinic as they bully employees here. All federal taxpayer money goes into corrupt management’s bloated salaries. Management including the HR Director and Business Office Mgr with no college degrees bully are staff and micromanage their timesheets and spend all day watching employees on cameras. CFO bullies all providers and staff who challenges him causing 2 medical directors and 10 doctors to quit in the past few years. Everyone they hire for this Monrovia clinic will quit after they get bullied by Marcy and Sergio the dictators of chap. If you take your vacation they bully you, if you take more than 10 min breaks or chat about your weekend they will bombard you with emails to be at your desk. All managers behave like rats. The CEO does no work but spends all day hiding corruption from the feds and board and googling how to lose bellyfat. She is a puppet under the CFO who makes fun of her behind closed doors to other managers for being an idiot who does no work. She only functions as a politician to cover up the corruption from the board. She allows the Director of Dev to make out with his female staff during a company gathering and sleep with her. She allows the Business Office Manager chola with no college degree to receive 100% raise and sleep with the IT guy and then hire her husband with no college degree and pay him more than a biller who went to college. If you are corrupt they reward you with a big fat raise while all line staff and providers haven’t received a raise in 5 years. This clinic is being sued left and right for death of patients, unlawful demotion, stress inducement and have lost all cases. The Business Office Mgr Marcy Chavez always talks to staff with a mouthfull of junk food and tattles on staff to get them fired for eating at their desk. She caused many lawsuits for the company and she still gets to stay as she sucks up to the CFO who is corrupt and gives her a huge raise every year. Stay away from this place they will fire you for no reason and deny your unemployment. Tons of great staff have quit already as they can’t stand the corruption, torture

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